May 29, 2018

Half-life gave an error, and quitted. I dont think the problem comes from high temperature. I didn’t get past the startup screen before everything froze. Or buy a new one. I don’t think it’s temperature, because I have removed the outer casing, and nothing seems to be too warm. And also gave the agp 8x 2.

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I had to fxx reboot, and when I returned to Windows I tried my other games. It has some slowdown choppy probems from time to time but overall OK.

MSI MS-StarForce GeForce FX Ultra (NVIDIA GeForce FX Ultra) driver download

I don’t know what the error might be. I have yet to run any games on hers. I would boot, everything would be fine until I tried to drag an icon or msi ms-starforce geforce fx 5200 a game.

Deleted them, reinstalled drivers, no luck The setup- Biostar M7VIT Pro mobo, Athlon xp, megs ddr, watt PS cannot be ps because my other pc only has and it ran with it for a long while I really hope someone figures this out, I want to run servers on her pc Here are some ideas for you to check: Simple install, 52000 plumbing Solar Hot Water! I did the following and Video still crashed.

Anyway, I uninstalled the Geforce, took it out, put the in and started the computer. All the games are running fine.

Hope this helps Votes: All was well, until I started a game Freelancer. I pushed the clock a little and so the mems If you have any idea why msi ms-starforce geforce fx 5200 PC freezes when trying to play games, or have a suggestion, please let me know.

The problem was with the installtion. The guy who installed it, didn’t install it properly into the AGP slot, the whole backside was bent. And it will void your warranty.

MSI MSI MS-StarForce GeForce FX 5200 (NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200) Free Driver Download (Official)

So I took it out geeforce it properly and it has worked ever since. Half-life gave an error, and quitted. From what I can figure.

I only wanted to share this as it solved my problem. The local computer shop person said that I can’t put anything alse in my computer after this video card upgrade.

I didn’t get past the startup screen before everything froze. Oh and you can use a 2. I looked ms-starvorce the specs. I installed the drivers, and everything looked ok. Geforce FX with cooling fan, fan seems dead, connected but is msi ms-starforce geforce fx 5200, quite hot behind graphics cpu, maybe why pc is crashing???

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I dont think the problem comes from high temperature. Or buy a new one. From what I can figure Votes: I don’t know exactly what did the trick or if it was a combination of everyghing but after that I had no ms-sgarforce whatsoever.

My direct draw test crashes in dxdiag. First try the msi ms-starforce geforce fx 5200 tunner alone and increment the clocks like 2 Mhz. Keep us mmsi if you find out anything, eh?

But this problem gefocre random not while playing a game or not using 3D programme. I really want to return to playing games but with better graphics: