May 14, 2018

All power settings set to never this is plugged in. KiranKumar, What happens when you press on the power button? Taylor, I see the Gateway symbol pop up immediately after I power up, but then I have nothing. In your case the laptop will not turn on at all and there are no LED lights. The LCD screen is very bright and does not flicker — basically I can see everything fine — but — the colors seem to be inversed. I guess there could be a problem with the motherboard.

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When the lightning struck there was a flash from where the adapter connects to the laptop and gateway w350i machine went off only to immediatly power on again, it then continued working fine for a while. Gatewy this gateway w350i backlight or inverter problem? The video works fine on the external monitor, so there is nothing wrong with the laptop or software.

Can see desktop but unable to read letters, very fuzzy and graphics look worse than safe gateway w350i.

The model number is printed gateway w350i the bottom sticker. If both the internal and external video do gateway w350i work, your problem is not related to the display panel. Replacing the backlight lamp is very labor intensive. No matter how much I move the screen, it does not cause a non-working screen to work and it does gateway w350i cause a working screen to stop working.

I believe this is just a different connector type, but the backlight lamp should be the same. Likewise when I move the screen it flickers on and off. I checked all gateway w350i setting in the Accessibility Options, I checked the video controller settings and even reinstalled the correct video drivers, and set the BIOS to all factory default settings. Then, without warning the screen went black and that was it.

How to remove screen from Gateway MT6704

The laptop works fine with an external monitor. Try replacing the video cable. The system boots from the cd and shows that setup is loading the files. If you cannot do that, I would suggest replacing the whole LCD gateway w350i. No enough power to the inverter from the motherboard!

So upper left hand side right above the screw hole on the bezel this gateway w350i the lcd screen front cover.

I have not tried to move the cable directly when the computer is on, but I have gateway w350i it indirectly. Here are some troubleshooting tips: Gateway w350i, I have an old dell latitude c that notebook and it runs really well, but the screen has a vertical dark patch coming from gateway w350i bottom-middle of my gateway w350i. Overall it looks like a loss in resolution. When this problem was occurring, I did hook up an external monitor and that display was fine, no problem. You cannot tell without testing gateway w350i laptop with another working inverter or backlight lamp.

Before you replace the cable, try reseating connectors on the motherboard and LCD screen. The laptop should start properly, detect all missing uninstalled hardware and reinstall drivers automatically. I ordered one new invertor with the same part number and replaced hateway.

If you have two modules, remove them one by one. Also, would I be better off ordering an inverter myself gaetway just buying it through them?

During periods when the inverter was not gateway w350i, I got not signal. Most likely this is not related to the graphics card failure.

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I have a hp compaq p, and it have problem with inverter. But since then I have replaced the inverter twice and there was gateway w350i change in the symptoms…the display works sometimes and gateway w350i at other times.

If external monitor works fine but there is no video on the internal screen, check connection between the video cable and gateway w350i, Gatway screen. Batteria per Apple iPhone 5S bulk compatibile no logo. Now when Gateway w350i tried reinstalling the old inverter it does the same thing as the new one.