May 29, 2018

I’ve checked that it will look for COM4 first. Any suggestions very welcome. Popular Nokia The New Nokia 6. Keep up the good work I’ve downloaded PsiWin 2. What can you suggest to get it synch’ing? Made working cable from a dead one as i had lost the driver cd for my converter.

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USB to RS Converter Cable meter – UMC

fo I bought a different cable that isn’t of the HID variety and this one behaves better but not perfectly. You should find the Profilic driver, and next to it the COM number that the serial cable will baoyu usb to rs232 at.

We also stand behind it. Not many vendors still carry and support RS devices, but here at DataPro we know that old technology never really dies. Keep up the good work Easy Setup Setup is quick and easy. Download the correct version below.

baoyu usb to rs232

I bought the cable off eBay. Baoyu usb to rs232 the drivers supplied on the CD I successfully connected to the Psion 7, but suffered 2 blue screens on laptop that said they were caused bbaoyu a new driver.

Powered by USB port.

USB to Serial Driver

The cable baoyu usb to rs232 not plugged in at anytime, but still in yet I can not get the Drivers in. Or, do you already have one that baoyh having problems with? Reference our warranty for more information and limitations.

Have you downloaded the latest drivers for the USB – Serial cable from here. I myself am having the same Problem. I am running Win XP Pro.

If you purchased it from us, baoyu usb to rs232 can use our toll free tech support. Thank you in advance! It takes the Serial end of gaoyu cable and “converts” it into a USB port. When I go to install, a pop up window comes up saying please do not have the Cable Plugged in.

Baoyu usb to rs232 installing the driver you then need to check that you have the correct COM Port. This unit has a 1 foot long cable and can be extended with a USB extension cable or an RS serial extension cable Drivers for this product can be downloaded here: How many would you like?: Made working cable from a dead one as i had lost the driver cd for my converter.

I am also having the same problem: On ships big and small, DataPro’s USB-to-Serial converters have provided this essential connection, as well as in military applications and industrial installations.

This unit has a 1 foot long cable and can be extended with baoyu usb to rs232 USB extension cable or an RS serial extension cable. Large range self-power easy install.

It exhibits the behavior described above, being identified as a HID. Mobile Phones Index Close. This device works through port baoyu usb to rs232 Can I use the drivers below to run with my generic?

Where did you get the cable from? Supports both high-speed and low-speed devices. You don’t have the correct driver chosen. Click to view large image. Compatible with all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7.